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Its agreement concords are either that from category la or nine

Its agreement concords are either that from category la or nine

What’s a little interesting, yet not, is the fact pertaining to lay-labels within the Shona the fresh new variation regarding if a location derived the identity out-of specific body’s morphosyntactically related

twenty eight decide to try of the different varieties of best noun, the issues and that occur, and their you can solution for noun category. It shot will focus on personal names, country and you can area labels, places and semiurban settlements, domestic pets, rivers, and you will slopes and you may slopes. It is wished this shot, though arbitrarily chose, are, regarding their morphosyntactic behaviour, representative enough of all the different variety of right nouns that are located throughout the Shona globe. The final section is the end. 1.dos Theoretic presumptions It is basically acknowledged you to correct nouns undertake a position on linguistic system from a words that is different from compared to well-known nouns. Contained in this studies a breakup is established anywhere between facets and that relate on source from right nouns as well as their updates because linguistic units presently. In other words, a difference is produced amongst the etymology of those correct nouns in addition to their synchronic status (get a hold of Raper ). It is conceded right here that from a purely synchronic section from have a look at proper nouns (or brands, since the onomasticians refer to them as) provides source, since they denote identifiable entities on natural (if you don’t fictional) community, nonetheless don’t has lexical definition or feel (Louwrens 1994:4). For-instance, dombo shdvd a brown stone and musana straight back (from a person are otherwise creature) just like the constructions is respectively a good noun terms during the group 5 and a common noun in group step 3. Title and therefore comes throughout the first structure are Dombdshava (cl 9) Domboshava area and you will regarding the second was Musand (cl la) Musana (an individual name), demonstrating a bit obviously that the command over grammatical contract has actually shifted compared to that away from noun groups 9 and you can los angeles respectively. However, pertaining to Musana, a place-term is going to be derived from it, specifically Musana (cl los angeles/9) and that refers to Captain Musana s nation. cit. p. 9) highlights is the fact immediately after nomination (to use Lyons title) has brought put, this new morphology of the erstwhile noun about what the fresh geographic title would depend gets out-of-date with the the total amount your new nominal prefix seems to lose its position once the an excellent prefixal morpheme. This basically means, by the procedure for nomination the original group prefix was made inoperative in that, as the some a real noun, you can no more choose it synchronically given that a distinct morpheme. (I owe the term nomination to Lyons () whom used it to suggest a system whereby a great 356

What can feel finished because of these observations, since the Louwrens (op

29 name’s assigned to an entity.) Thus, it is seen one semantic keeps generated by nomination usually bypass authoritative have regarding the power over grammatical arrangement in the Bantu dialects. It is clear up coming one, seen synchronically, right nouns is actually incapable of becoming analysed morphologically. For instance Musana, as the title out-of a location, continues to become a good noun of group la, not just in grammatical arrangement, and inside the inflections for instance the copulative and also the possessive. Definitely, as the currently listed above, it age such as Domboshava, that is not based on a personal label, changes its noun classification as a keen place-title and you may acts because good noun from group nine in every areas. step 1.step 3 Standards to possess noun group task As stated over, so you can dictate the fresh new noun classification to the hence confirmed proper noun belongs, certain standards could well be functioning. These types of criteria is actually divided into about three versions, specifically the fresh inflection sort of, the fresh new locative sort of additionally the concord variety of. The inflection particular boasts new predicative (otherwise copulative) inflection, this new possessive inflection plus the adverbial/conjoining inflection. The locative form of has brand new locative prefixes (pa-, ku-, mu-) while the a set. The latest concord sorts of expectations constitutes all the concordial affixes, e.g. demonstrative, decimal, along with that of brand new pronoun. New inflection and also the locative requirements make up just what will feel called in order to as key criteria, as the concord criterion could well be thought to be brand new peripheral traditional. The previous try regarded as center standards since their use with confirmed correct noun causes the choice of one means simply from which another you can people in the fresh put is excluded. Likewise, play with with a peripheral criterion may result in the option of you to definitely or some other from solution different a-flat. All these regions of grammar which are exemplified a lot more than try, with the objective at your fingertips, handled abundantly by the Chance (1985). This new hypotheses which i progress listed here are below: the new key criteria as previously mentioned more than should determine the fresh new noun classification into and therefore certain correct noun drops; in addition to capabilities of your own peripheral criterion are faster from the semantic influence regarding hyponymy. Due to the fact mention of these types of standards is produced apparently regarding text, they shall be portrayed less than using nouns out of classes los angeles, 5, 9 and you can 17a. 357