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What is UPT?

What is UPT?

UPT is Turkey’s FIRST licensed Payment Institution from BRSA (Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency). We provide services to banks, licensed money transfer companies, licensed exchange houses and international payment institutions that focus in payments to and from Turkey and to the rest of the world. (UPT Payment Services Inc.) is a 100% subsidiary of Aktif Bank, Turkey

Why UPT?

  • Cash Pickup (4700 Locations domestic payments in Turkey).
  • Cash Through 222 Countries
  • Low cost then any service and faster.
  • Bank (All Banks in Turkey (TRY, USD, EUR).
  • Bank (All Banks in Europe in AC).
  • International Payments
  • Domestic Payments
  • Global Reach
  • Cash Payout
  • Transfer to Account
  • Prepaid Cards

Global Reach

  • Cash Payment: One hub to send money to all Turkey City (TRY, USD, EUR)
  • Real-Time Transactions processing, or in batches (batch processing)
  • Beneficiary receives the funds, without any deduction, in less than 1 Min